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Common Behaviours and Psychological Symptoms

  • Compulsive Behaviours (pacing, vocalising)
  • Pain and undiagnosed discomfort
  • Verbal and physical aggression
  • Frustration and erratic upset
  • Overactivity or lack of clarity commending in PM
  • Anxiety, distress, grief, flat mood
  • Panic and upset with showering or personal care
  • Nocturnal restlessness

Who Is Calmology Suitable For?

If you are caring for a person who has unresolved or severe anxiety or agitation you may wish to organise a tailored careplan or purchase one of our new packs which are available with comprehensive information (please see our Shop page.)

Many of us struggle with increasing demands of our fast-paced modern lives. If you are an overloaded parent, committed student or are experiencing hormonal anxiety, you may find that including Calmology in a holistic approach to your wellbeing can assist and you may wish to try our Ease Duo. Now available at selected pharmacies.

NDIS Providers Welcome

We have been providing assistance to residential aged care and community homes across Australia since 2012. Calmology is now a registered NDIS provider.

A gentler alternative for dementia and disability care

Calmology is a gentle, drug-free alternative to help people struggling with daily issues which place a lot of pressure on people faced with challenges in relaxation.  We have provided services to many people with dementia; disability and mental health conditions.

Since 2012 we have been providing health professionals and families with a viable intervention for agitation in dementia as recommended by the new standards in aged care introduced in July 2019.

In 2018 UniSA initiated a small study with Calmology to trial our care strategies and plant-based formulas which have been developed after years of work with the various clusters of symptoms of agitation. The study was small however the results in decreasing vocalisation were very encouraging.

The first dementia-specific bodycare range in Australia, Calmology bodycare formulas contain many enriching ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and other rich oils and herbal extracts with a range of beneficial properties. Our extensive work in the healthcare field sets us apart, with unparalleled experience in providing care strategies. For complex or severe behaviours we can assist with an experienced phone consultation. We provide support all over Australia – and this may be especially helpful for people living in rural or remote locations. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE


Calmology was established in response to clinical managers, nurses and family members seeking a drug-free way to alleviate agitation in their clients

Over the years, our range has been tested, refined and has evolved beyond aged care for the wellness of people in the wider community. Calmology bodycare is carefully formulated with plant oils and herbal tinctures used for centuries for their wellbeing and fragrance properties. Our natural Australian creams, body oil, body spritz and balms are crafted to soothe your body and mind – and will feel beautiful on your skin.

Share your good news story

I regularly receive good-news stories from our growing base of Calmology users and encourage you to share your results with me.

Partner with us

If you are a pharmacist or health practitioner please contact us to explore opportunities to partner with Calmology in 2021.


Support for carers and family

We understand the important role family and carers play in the wellbeing of their loved ones and how distressing it can be to see them struggling. Carefully developed in consultation with healthcare professionals over many years, our bodycare range is designed for use by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses as well as family and friends to support everyday care and hygiene. Massage is optional. Just 1 to 2 minutes of application is enough, which makes it easy to incorporate its use in the daily routine. Our products and care strategies come with comprehensive instructions, including a material safety data sheet for residential facilities and allied health professionals. To help ease the body and mind of someone you care for, try Calmology today.

Aged Care Service OR Disability Care Provider

Become a Relaxation

If you are an RACF, NDIS, Respite or Homecare provider – we can help you meet new standards for the minimisation of physical and chemical restraints.

Our experience tells us that clients, families and staffmembers often appreciate the opportunity to enhance care and comfort in a manner which encourages touch and sensory experience. It is always recommended to commence Calmology at the early signs of agitation or discomfort or just as a pleasurable addition to daily hygiene.

Common Behaviours and Psychological Symptoms

  • Compulsive Behaviours (pacing, vocalising)
  • Pain and undiagnosed discomfort
  • Verbal and physical aggression
  • Frustration and erratic upset
  • Overactivity or lack of clarity commending in PM
  • Anxiety, distress, grief, flat mood
  • Panic and upset with showering or personal care
  • Nocturnal restlessness


Calmology toolkit, for aged care and health care

Book a consultation

Calmology Phone Consultations and integrated bodycare products have assisted many people across Australia as a drug-free intervention for people with agitation and distress in dementia. These symptoms and behaviours are very distressing for the person and can greatly impact the workload and health of family, carers and fellow-residents. With the introduction of new standards for all Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities – you may find our specialised care strategies can assist. They have been developed over time, informed by thousands of hours supporting hundreds of people living with moderate to advanced dementia and valuable feedback from their carers.

*Become part of the Calmology team – we welcome training enquiries from occupational, diversional and lifestyle therapists and nursing and massage professionals.


Drug-free intervention for common symptoms

Calmology, through years of experience and collaboration with carers and health professionals, can assist carers by providing alternate care options for these symptoms:

Our exclusive plant-based formulas are topically-applied to aid relaxation, offer gentle pain relief and temporarily reduce symptoms of agitation. We also have gentle products to assist with daily hygiene. We always recommend patch testing as standard practice. Our cosmetic range is very low risk, however please notify your pharmacist before purchase if the person has any known allergies.

For more comprehensive care, ask us about our Calmology Relaxation Innovator package.

An integrated approach using the Calmology range and proven care strategies, this program is suitable for carers, families, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and registered nurses. Residential Aged Care facilities can also adopt and promote this program as part of their drug-free intervention approach.


People We've Helped

We found at the stage when mum (being cared for in her own home) was quite distressed and fearful and had
started to vocalise loudly – our family decided we didn’t want to medicate her. We found that using the
Calmology products took the edge off the agitation and each time we would apply the Mave Balm throughout the
day – she would calm down. We were able to maintain this over a period of almost 2 years -until the illness
advanced and it was no longer necessary. Whilst we were able to use the products we didn’t have to medicate her
and it was a big plus for us and I would recommend people to try it to preserve their opportunity to engage with
their loved one. Claire Macpherson, (daughter) Gymea Bay NSW


Merrian Sangalli

Calmology founder Merrian Sangalli is a healthcare and cosmetic product developer, and certified aromatherapist based in Adelaide. Her work with demential and health aromatherapy has evolved following many years working with aged care providers across Australia and a clinical trial with the University of South Australia. She is excited to bring all this knowledge to help better support people living with dementia, their families and carers. “After working with thousands of dedicated health professionals and family members, I see the enormous potential to work with partners to see Calmology introduced as part of the holistic approach to health and well-being in our community.” – Merrian

Merrian’s extensive work in dementia was motivated by her fascination with plant extracts and the growing demand for drug-free options in demential healthcare (now the industry standard). She shares her love for the history and folklore of plants and resins (including our indigenous oils) through events and workshops around holistic care and wellbeing. Contact Merrian to ask about speaking at your next event or workshop.