“The distressed verbal calling out reduced from continual to minimal, this in turn enabled us to review and reduce her behavioural medication and more importantly has given our resident quality of life, and great comfort for her family and care staff.

We have used the aromatherapy products Ease, Jade, Dusk, Kara – to address issues with wandering, vocalisation, agitation, restlessness, anger, sadness and withdrawal on specific residents and we have had significant levels of success with all the recipients.

We have now implemented this aromatherapy as a valuable tool in assisting to manage residents behaviours, and are also about to implement Calmology on our palliating residents.”

Maggie Bianco
Registered Nurse
Deputy Director of Nursing of RACF

“Whilst all my gorgeous sisters of 40 something might have opted to fight the natural ageing process with the various anti-wrinkle cream on the market, I have chosen to use a moisturising cream that does more than just nourish my skin. It has been a few weeks since I started using Jade. It is lightweight, beautifully absorbed providing long lasting hydration and I can see that my skin is loving the natural replenishment that it provides. More than these benefits, what is truly marvellous is the aromatherapy properties of Calmology. The gorgeous calming essential oil scents help me feel balanced, soothed, relaxed and appeased. I sleep better at night and can rid myself of tension when I wear it. Happy sleep also means happy skin! Thank you.”

Priscille Sauzier
45 years old, WA

“I work in a busy nursing home and I found the effect of Calmology on one of our residents with dementia to be quite amazing. This gentleman would get very agitated to the point of hallucinating during the afternoon; we would apply the cream and oil and he would become much calmer, less agitated and his frantic calling out would stop. It was really lovely to see him relax.”

N. Wallace, Mayfield East, NSW

“The Calmology Ease Cream and Oil I have used for the past 6 months for my mother who has late stage Alzheimer’s Disease has provided a welcome and effective alternative to pharmacological management of distress and agitation especially when she is experiencing “sundowning” or disturbed sleep at night. It’s easy to use and side effect free!”

Mary (RN) and carer, Sydney NSW